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Cadbury – Trucks

The “difficult second advert”. And well, I don’t like it. The gorilla worked because it was so random, so unexpected. And that makes it a nightmare to follow up. Plus of course, it could be easily mimicked, repeat and spoofed. I’m not someone that thinks advertising needs clear branding messages, but it at least needs to contain something that people can talk about. I don’t think that this contains that.

And the fact that the song was used far better in Shaun of the Dead a few years ago also works against it.

Conclusion: Disappointing



4 Responses

  1. I thought that was alright, actually. Just as meaningless as the gorilla one, but a bit more enjoyable, I thought – but then, I’ve always thought the gorilla one was somewhat overrated. Not a patch on any of the last few Honda ads, anyway.

  2. I think I was too harsh in my wording. I don’t dislike it – I just don’t like it very much – and it is better than the vast majority of adverts out there. But in terms of hype, I believe it falls far short of what it could (should?) be.

  3. […] scanning through my emails and news this fine monday morning, I happened on this post  related to the cadburys trucks advert done by Simon who writes this blog.. this got me thinking […]

  4. I’m sure the part where the suitcases tumble out onto the runway will have unpleasant resonance for anyone who travelled through Heathrow Terminal 5. Unfortunate timing.

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