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Kinder Bueno

Example of good marketing: I signed up for a competition with Kinder Bueno last year that involved giving my contact details. Today, I got sent 2 little Bueno eggs in the post. A small gesture, and one that isn’t all that unusual. But one that was unexpected and appreciated.

Kinder Bueno eggs

Example of not-so-good marketing: While it is important for the eggs not to be damaged in transit, there seemed to be an excess of packaging (though I suppose that makes it no different to the entire Easter egg market)

Verdict: Good effort – 8/10



Links – 22/03/08

A couple of days late due to the MRS Conference and Easter playing havoc with my scheduling.



A bit of a bumper week given that these links cover 9 days. In particular I would recommend:

From the blog-related side: Are brands out of tune with the global economy?, Analysis of the Twitter messages during the Zuckerberg SXSW keynote, How to make a video go viral, Will newspapers follow Google’s model? and Marketers biggest challenges with social networks

From the random side: Funny flow charts, Excellent write-up of a non-league football match and Examples of recreations of the Last Supper in popular culture