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Recommended reading – 14th March 2010

Time to start taking the internet seriously” by David Gelertner. Sample thought: “No moment in technology history has ever been more exciting or dangerous than “now.” As we learn more about now, we know less about then”

The database of intentions is far larger than I thought” by John Battelle. Sample thought: “I’ve often said that Search should not be defined by web search, but rather, by what a search is in the abstract. To my mind, each tweet or status update is a search query of sorts, as is each check-in and even each connection in the social graph

Why the internet will still be a failure in 2025” by Some Random Nerd. Sample thought: “Pretty much all of the technical problems that were readily identifiable in 1995 have now been solved. But take a look past the issues of whether people will buy airline tickets or talk to their friends over the internet, and ask yourself about the social, human problems still exist, or whether they’ve been dealt with quite as easily.

Six degrees of social media monitoring” by Tom Webster. Sample thought: “Listening to the social web for brand mentions is really just the first “degree” of social media monitoring– a tactical tool for a tactical purpose. To really get the most out of your social media tools, you need to go a few levels deeper–and not all of it can be automated


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