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Links – 17th June 2008

To round off my epic link update, here are the miscellaneous links that I find interesting. Perhaps you will too?

The UK has the lowest privacy ranking in the EU (Guardian)

Bikini clad women make men impatient (Physorg)

How the world has changed since 1993 (Wired)

Brutal New York – heart-wrenching photographic essay

42 fantastic business card designs (Re Encoded)

150 funny CV errors (Job Mob)

The Rotherhithe tunnel is 100 years old (Diamond Geezer) – despite living about half a mile from it, I’ve only ever been through it (in a taxi) once

When objects become magazines (Creative Review)

Extending album artwork (B3ta) – the best, and most PG, B3ta contest I’ve seen in some time

How portion sizes have changed (Divine Caroline) – I had no idea that a “serving” of Coca Cola was 200ml, though do resent that the smallest size of either popcorn or drink you can get in the cinema these days is basically XL

Iron Man: The Science Behind The Fiction (New Scientist)

Debunking grammar lists, 5 lessons in grammar, and 5 lessons in punctuation (Mental Floss)

Grandmaster Flashed (Wired) – up there with my favourite headlines of all time. Refers to Kasparov’s address interrupted by an identified flying object

The environmental cost of shipping groceries around the world (New York Times)

Hair Hats (LiveJournal) – hair moulded to resemble animals or hats or suchlike

Frog breaks bones to form claws (New Scientist) – I smell a TMNT/X-Men crossover

Five vestigial (ie useless) organs that humans have (New Scientist)

The essential man’s library (Art of Manliness)

Internet sports games (Guardian)

Money mixed up with pictures to create new faces (Freaking News)

Illinois Department of Transportation revokes attempts to enliven stop signs (Chicago Tribune) – with sub-signs such as “And smell the roses” or (I hope) “In the name of love”

Pairing books with beers (Omnivoracious)

Impressive collection of people landing ping pong balls in a bucket from increasingly improbable angles (Unique Peek) – I’m not sure if impressive is really the right word

Is this the first Christian Church? (Daily Mail)

Bittersweet tale of working as Captain Jack Sparrow at Disneyland (LA Mag)

The treasure hunt built into the design of a house (New York Times)

6 “human” traits found in animals (New Scientist)

An Oyster card dissolved in nail varnish (Skeptobot)

A rather nihilistic perspective on work (BBC)

Babbage’s computer from Victorian times is reborn (BBC) – I became aware of this recently through listening to the Ava Lovelace podcast of Melyvn Bragg’s excellent In Our Time programme on Radio 4

SIDENOTE: The BBC web magazine has become exponentially better in recent months. Plainly, they have devoted a fair amount of their budget “surplus” on (freelance?) journalists

My particular recommendations include Brutal New York, Extending album artwork, How portion sizes have changed, Bittersweet tale of working as Captain Jack Sparrow at Disneyland and The treasure hunt built into the design of a house

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