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Spread Firefox

firefox dogToday is D-Day for Firefox 3. It comes out of beta testing, and is officially released.

Mozilla have come up with a brilliant launch campaign for it. They have harnessed the affinity and advocacy of the product through an excellent word of mouth campaign.

Today is their attempt to get into the Guinness Book of Records for the most downloads in a 24 hour period. There are currently 1.6m pledges (which you can see split by geography at the webpage), which matches the number that downloaded Firefox 2 in 2006. But now that the BBC, among others, are running the story, this is bound to rise.

I think Firefox is a fantastic product and this is a great way to launch it. I shall be downloading my version later.

If you are not yet convinced, there are write-ups here (Wired), here (Webmonkey) and here (Webware).

It will be available to download here from 1100PDT/1800GMT


EDIT: All downloaded smoothly. The only issue so far is that some of my add-ons aren’t yet compatible with the new version.