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Eight challenges to measuring off site social media performance

I’ve written my first post for the BBC Internet blog around the challenges of social media measurement. It is intended to be a primer of some of the issues we face with assessing our activity, before I go on to look at some of our actual figures.

Some of the challenges are specific to the BBC (ie a public sector UK media company), but many are universal.

The first challenge is a lack of official measurement source. TV has BARB and Radio has RAJAR – two well established bodies, with consensus on the most appropriate metrics to use. Within digital, there is the relatively new UKOM – while it offers a range of measures, it does not break down social media into specific accounts (such as @BBCSport on Twitter or BBC One on Facebook). Social networks may offer useful insight tools themselves, but only top-level information is made public. It can therefore be difficult to place performance in the context of the performance of other accounts or organisations.

You can read the full blog post, outlining all eight challenges, here.