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    This is the personal blog of Simon Kendrick and covers my interests in media, technology and popular culture. All opinions expressed are my own and may not be representative of past or present employers
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Joining the BBC

A quick bit of housekeeping. This is my last week working with Essential Research. I’ve had a fantastic two and a half years working with the team, and learned an incredible amount. While I can’t talk about many specific things, I have been fortunate enough to work on some projects that have received industry recognition, and these are pretty representative of the areas I’ve been privileged to contribute to. I wish them all the best in continuing their success now that they have been acquired by SPA Future Thinking. However, I bid them goodbye as I have been presented an opportunity too good and too relevant to my interests to turn down.

Next week I’ll be joining the BBC, working for the Audiences team within BBC Future Media. My role will be as a Research Manager working across Digital Media, but with a primary focus on Mobile, Social and Syndication – areas in which I have previously¬†written¬†about.

I’ll continue writing here, and possibly even redress the dwindling frequency of posting. But in accordance with the BBC’s guidelines this will remain a completely personal blog and not intersect with my day-to-day professional responsibilities or interests. This means I won’t be commenting on or opining on news stories that involve the BBC or its partners.

I’m really appreciative of the discussions I’ve been able to have with people as a result of this blog – here, elsewhere online and even occasionally in person. Thank you for your attention and provocation.