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Recommended reading – 4th March 2010

Here are six recommended reads that caught my (rather distracted) eye over the past week:

John V. Willshire has some interesting thoughts on location based services and an “immediacy effect”. We concluded a similar thing with our brandheld research and believe if mobile companies start emphasising the practical benefits of the mobile internet (rather than name-dropping Facebook) then uptake among a mainstream audience will accelerate

JP Rangaswami always has thought-provoking posts and this is no exception – his musing on sharing and privacy.

Northern Planner has some good back-to-basics advice on communication planning

Hugh Macleod has a list of 26 thoughts on being an entrepreneur. I particularly liked “In a world of over-supply and commodification, you are no longer paid to supply. You’re being paid to deliver something else. What that is exactly, is not always obvious”

This post on HBR about having ideas versus having a vision has sparked off some debate. The post (and subsequent comments) are bit jargon and cliché heavy for my liking, but I like the underlying point: Individual ideas are all well and good, but they are pretty worthless unless they form together into a coherent and unified strategy.

A brilliant reference guide from Nick Emmel listing a raft of relevant desk research tools for online planning – from industry websites to buzz tracking to user experience insight. Even though I used to work nearby, I hadn’t previously heard of the Royal Mail’s Infobank, which provides free access to a lot of the resources listed