The Penny Drops: Olswang Convergence Survey 2009

The 2009 Convergence Report from Olswang has been released, and makes for interesting reading. Some of the key findings I took out/inferred include:

  • Over the top TV (such as Project Canvas) will only take off through inertia and a shorter upgrade cycle
  • Unless e-readers become cheap fast, they will be superseded by multi-functional tablet computers
  • Windowing (phased international release dates) is more of a threat than an opportunity, due to the difficulties it presents with existing distribution channels
  • iPhone users have much greater willingness to pay – and this is more down to the easy payment mechanism than level of disposable income
  • Micropayments are more viable for TV than newspapers

While the third point is somewhat contentious, the other four points make intuitive sense, and correspond to the research I have carried out in the area.

However, the survey was conducted online using a panel. I absolutely agree that this is the best, most cost-effective approach but it does skew the data – particularly with respect to online/digital behaviour. There is no mention in the report of sampling and weighting.

I can understand why – this stuff can be quite boring – but without it I’m left looking at figures such as

  • 8% of the sample owning iPhones
  • 38% of people streaming music
  • 65% of adults using social network sites

And then wondering what other data and findings in the report are overinflated

Nevertheless, a thought-provoking read and a useful – if flawed – resource to refer to.



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