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A guide to corporate blogging (beta)

We’ve recently set up our Essential Research blog. It’s started well, albeit a little slowly. Go check it out.

The main reason for the slow start is that we are currently crazy busy. However, a second reason is that the majority of us have never blogged before. And as those who have their own blog know, it is a little scary to begin with.

What do I write about? Who will read it? What if it is rubbish?

I’m quite happy with how this blog has evolved. But the number of blogs I’ve had is in double figures (I think), and it has taken me 6 or 7 years to get into a position of (relative) confidence.

So, using a combination of my past experiences and the advice of others that are quite proficient in the space, I’ve created a little guide on blogging.

See below – it is a draft, and particular to research, but I’d be interested to know where it could be improved.

Essential Research blogging guide

Click on the picture for a larger (and readable) version.

Yes, I like mnemonics.

Incidentally, the further reading list is:

All images are taken without credit. Sorry. If one of the images is yours and you’re not cool with my use then let me know and I’ll change it.