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The perfect day

It’s wedding season at the moment. I’ve had the pleasure of attending two so far this summer, with another two over the coming month.

I love the fact that they are all different:

  • The first wedding was quite alternative, with Philip Glass as entrance music, pageboys dressed as dinosaurs and a cake based on Tatlin’s Tower
  • The second wedding was fairly traditional (though non-religious) and held in a beautiful country barn
  • The third wedding will include a Tamil ceremony

I’m not sure how the fourth wedding will proceed, but I’m pretty confident that it will be completely unique.

I’m also confident that the forthcoming ceremonies will proceed as perfectly as the first two did.

This is because a wedding is the perfect day for the happy couple and their families and friends. It is planned to precision with every detail accounted for. The day is utterly unique as every element is completely bespoke.

This requires a lot of trust in the agents and parties responsible for the individual elements. But the couple have their vision and by laying down the specific parameters they can be reassured that the day will proceed flawlessly.

The analogy is an obvious one but it is worth making.

Perfect execution needs perfect planning, which in turn requires a perfect briefing.

The wedding couple know exactly what they want to achieve. They communicate this to all involved, who then know precisely what they need to do. They use their expertise to make this happen.

Now our projects may not be as life-changing or as unique as a wedding, but if we want to achieve the best possible outcome, then putting as much thought and effort into the initial project briefing as possible will go a long way to achieving this.


Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/motodraconis/