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New job; Possibly a new blog

On Monday I will be taking up a new role as a Quantitative Research Manager at Essential Research.

This is an exciting opportunity for me to work on some extremely interesting projects (some of the clients they work with are on the website) in areas of media and technology that fascinate me.

Yesterday was my last day at ITV. I had a great 16 months there, learning a lot from some great people. While it is sad to say goodbye, I’m really looking forward to starting in my new role.

This move shouldn’t substantially change the content of this blog. Although I’m moving from a position where my research was for external use to one where data will be proprietary and confidential, I’ve tended to repeat the insights of others rather than talk in detail about what I’m currently working on. So that won’t change…

What may change is the location of this blog. After some advice from Katy, I’ve bought a domain name and am about to purchase hosting. I’m a bit reticent about moving right now, as I’ve recently been fortunate to attract some new readers and inbound links. Once things settle, I’ll looking into porting things over and resetting my Google juice to zero.

In the meantime, thanks for reading.



6 Responses

  1. Good luck in your new job : )

  2. best of luck in these changing times

  3. Well done on your new role & good luck fella!


  4. All the best in the new job Simon. Cheers, Jon

  5. Simon,

    Good luck with the new job and the new blog. I’ve really enjoyed your insight and will continue to read your thoughts.



  6. All the best with the new job, Simon.

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