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Links – 2nd January 2009

The year has started off well – I didn’t write 2008 in the subject header.

Social media

  • The US Air Force has published their “rules of engagement” in responding to blog posts and it makes for a very sensible read. Considerations include transparency, sourcing, timeliness, tone and influence
  • JP Rangaswami has some typically thought-provoking posts on the nature of consumer control and what that means for publishers and businesses alike – here and here
  • Piers Fawkes considers the 50-50 corporation – with half a focus on profit and half on being social

Changing businesses

  • What would happen if gamers ran the world? Tom Armitage considers the skills in gaming and how they can transfer over


  • Nostalgia can overwhelm – people look back with misty eyes and prefer to live in past decades despite all the advances in creature comforts. Me? Send me to the future… (Intelligent Dialogue)
  • Our brains can lie to us. Facts are stored in the Hippocampus but memories are processed in the central cortex – this leads to source amnesia and means we may remember false accusations (e.g. Barack Obama is Muslin) as fact (International Herald Tribune)


  • Advertising Age have parts of their 2009 Annual online
  • Ad*Access is a database of 7,000 old advertisements that have been released from copyright for use in research

2008 lists

  • Not only does Fimoculous have 30 notable blogs of 2008, but there are also additional links under each subject heading

Particular recommendations go to How to grow communitiesConsumer’s relationship with music and advertising, Our brains can lie to us, 30 notable blogs of 2008 and Top 10 Slideshare presentations of 2008

For further links unrelated to the subject of this blog, check out my Tumblr account


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