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    This is the personal blog of Simon Kendrick and covers my interests in media, technology and popular culture. All opinions expressed are my own and may not be representative of past or present employers
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Who I am

This blog has been anonymous since it was established. The reasons for this were that I wasn’t convinced that I would keep the blog active for long (particularly given previous attempts), and that the company I work for didn’t have an official blogging policy.

For some time now I’ve felt my anonymity has constrained my interactions online. I cherish the learnings I gain from this forum, and for some time I have been uneasy at my lack of disclosure. So, after consulting with a couple of people within the office, I am comfortable with revealing who I am.

My name is Simon Kendrick and I am a Commercial Research Consultant at ITV. I am based in London, England. I work with the Online Sales team (for ITV.com, ITVLocal.com and the Friends Reunited Group) and cover three primary functions – to develop sales arguments, to measure effectiveness of campaigns, and to deliver insight.

I have been at ITV for just over a year. Prior to that, I was a Media researcher at GfK NOP.

Now I have full disclosure, I look forward to extending my involvement in the “blogosphere”. While I may occasionally reference research we carry out that is in the public domain, I will continue to neither disclose nor opine on the policies and strategies of either ITV or key competitors

This move may seem reactionary in light of recent noises about online anonymity and open identities, but it is something I have been planning for a while.

So, hello.


PS Days off and Christmas drinks aren’t conducive to a regular blogging schedule. Link updates will return soon!

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5 Responses

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  2. Hi Simon. Congratulations on ‘coming out’! I’ve been very much enjoying your blog, and somehow suspected you were at ITV. I have been creative directing ITV’s press, poster and radio ads here at BBH for the last year, so especially interested in your TV insights. Here’s hoping your blog will go from strength to strength.

  3. Thanks a lot! Your blog is required reading for me (as are the comments), and I’m honoured that you pop by. Keep up the great work, both on your blog and with the ITV brief 🙂

  4. Congratulations on bloggouting yourself!

    I too, snapped, and in a ‘Network’-style moment, tied my name (and, more fearfully, my photo) to my url this month.

    It feels like the right thing to do – though I still feel I may be judged (corporately) by my posts, when all I really want to do is ‘put stuff out there’.

    The upside, for me, is that visitors seemed instantly more ready to leave comments… and it seems to make the blog, ironically, a safer place to test out half-baked thoughts, and allow ‘the audience’ to discuss… rather than it having to be a one -way transmission of profound insight.

    The inspirations which tipped me over the edge to attach my name came from
    Hugh McLeod gapingvoid.com
    Robbie Burns financial advice site
    Danny Stack scriptwriting in the UK
    Graham Linehan whythatsdelightful.wordpress.com

    It’s funny, but media (communications) organisations seem the most wary of free and honest open dialogue on ways of working — possibly because they are more literate on the subject and its pitfalls

    (How many media organisations, for instance, are as ‘corporately chatty’ about their work as, say, Innocent is about Juice production.
    Christ, even McDonalds have

    One rather huge corporation, for instance, bans staff on one of its high profile online dramas playing clips from the show to industry conferences or even being used on directors’ showreels… for fear it may ‘damage’ the mothership brand.

    Another, company-you’d-think-would-act-differently, instantly removed the embedding from all of its online shows when it appeared on my (little) blog.
    Shame – a quick google search of the video URL showed that 152 other sites linked to that episode… who also had that facility (or promotion?) switched off.

    Good luck with the blog — will be linking to it on mine here


    All the best

    Neil Mossey
    (also at neilmossey.wordpress.com)

  5. Hi Neil

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    I agree that media and comms agencies have appeared wary, but there does appear to be some thawing and are some great individuals blogging out there – a few of whom I’ve linked to on the right hand bar.

    To my mind, a reason for their reticence is indeed the fact that communication is their currency, and that makes them very closely scrutinised as well as scrutinising. Any deviation from the message could be damaging.

    I’ve subscribed to your feed and look forward to reading about your next adventure in the online video sphere.

    Have a great new year

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