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Blog Action Day Wrap-Up

On October 15th, I posted an interview with Stuart Fowkes of Oxfam as a contribution to Blog Action Day.

I was one of 12,800 bloggers writing 14,053 posts on poverty that day.

Nielsen Buzzmetrics data for poverty

There were some fantastic posts written on the subject of poverty across the day.

I was particularly impressed with those that talked about the difference that their Kiva loans had made to people.

Kiva is a micro-lending organisation which lets people make direct loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world. By providing them with the means to raise capital, these people are able to set up their own businesses to help both themselves and those in their community.

I was aware of the concept of microcredit through Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, but I had not previously heard of Kiva.

I’m grateful to have been part of something that was able to create awareness of the poverty situation. I have now made my first two micro-loans (the default contribution is $25). Youssif is a Construction contractor in Lebanon who wished to purchase tools. Rohat has her own clothing business in Tajikstan and is looking to update her inventory. Through the loans to them that Kiva has facilitated, they have the opportunity to improve their situation.

Conversation is good, but action is great.

You can find out more about Kiva here.


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