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Links – 25th September 2008


Fantastic presentation on the music industry embracing the Web (Fistfulayen)

A White Paper outlining a pre-testing model based on prediction markets (Misentropy) – I’ve not yet read this, but it looks fascinating

Can modern brands be built with traditional people, asks Adrian at Zeus Jones? A very nice, thought-provoking presentation

Why the product outweighs the promotion (Make Marketing History) – short and snappy, but straight to the point

Latest Technorati report on the state of the blogosphere – and Read Write Web’s thoughts


Harpers have made all the articles written by David Foster Wallace available online – this will become a well-worn bookmark of mine

10 overused words in writing (Precise Edit) – guilty as charged

The Guardian have a new series entitled How to Write – some good tips in there

10 facts about the Earth (Discovery Magazine) – unlike most trivia lists this is actually very informative

Photographs of London from above at night

Another amazing New York Times graphic – showing the losses caused by to the crash/crunch

http://www.zigabid.com/ – bid for tickets. I hope this doesn’t catch on. Set prices may be inefficient in terms of pricing, but I don’t want to spend ages haggling and scouring the best deals

If the topic is of interest to you, each link is definitely worth reading. But I were to recommend a couple, it would be the first two links in both categories (aside from that, the links are in no order)



2 Responses

  1. Those photos of London from above at night are spectacular, and I particularly like #5 (the “curved road”) because it is actually showing my school (to the top left of the photo – the big glass bit was our school concourse, home of the tuck shop) and the playground (the bit of unused land just to the right of the curved road).

  2. Simon, thanks for the shout. Would to hear your thots on the paper when you finish reading it.

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