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Links – 19th September 2008

My unread items in Google Reader has been maxed out at 1000+ for a few days now, but here is a brief list of the stuff I HAVE managed to read in the past week

A fantastic overview on how to have a successful career in advertising (Digicynic). Recommended reading as many of the tips are general enough to be applied to other professions

A lengthy but thought-provoking essay by Bob Garfield on how Facebook can make lots of money. Essentially, it comes down to behavioural tracking and collaborative filtering.

Excellent post by danah boyd on the dangers of technological determinism – creators telling users how they should be consuming their product/service

The Fitbit tracks your actions 24/7. You upload the data and pore over the analysis. A useful tool for the obsessive self-trackers. I’m a reformed self-tracker and hoarder. For years I would obsessively record and collect things. But the task becomes so herculean that there is never any time to actually step back and appreciate what has been collected.

MP3s of 3×50 cover versions to celebrate 50 years of Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince

Foodproof have a list of 100 things that you should eat before you die

New Scientist on the Future of Photography

Flickr Bikes is an awesome idea

Copy Paste Character – for when you can’t remember the alt-code



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