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Links – 12th September 2008

Part 2 of my overdue link update:


Media history through Gartner Hype Cycle graphs – an ingenious way of tracking trends over time (Adverlab)

This interesting conversation looks at the importance of being aware and how “supernoticing” improves user research (AIGA)

The six degrees of Kevin Bacon has been condensed to three degrees of Wikipedia

A study indicates that irrelevant neuroscience will make more people believe a spurious argument (Language Log)

Green marketing won’t work because of our inherent self-interest (Neuroscience marketing)

A list of things that are used to inspire Adaptive Path in the analogue world

A huge list of social media marketing examples (Peter Kim)

A Read Write Web discussion on the future of online music


David Simon of the Wire looks at urban decay across America (Guardian) – the Wire has my vote as the greatest TV show of all time

A proposal for a sex tax (Freakonomics)

The five scientific experimentations most likely to end the world (Cracked)

Odd geographic facts (Listverse)

An estimation of what the American English language will look like in 3000 AD (Xibalba)

Kevin Kelly has created a robot out of all the styrofoam packaging that has been delivered to his house over the past 5 years

My recommendations are Media history through Gartner Hype Cycle graphs, interesting conversation on supernoticing, why green marketing won’t work and social media marketing examples