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Links – September 11th 2008

I ended up missing the link update last week, so I’ll split the two weeks up into two manageable (hopefully) chunks


An article in the New York Times argues that there is not yet a formula of success for online TV series (Will there ever be? It’s not like all broadcast shows are hits). While Claire Beale takes a closer look at Sony’s Coma. That was featured in the twelve web series I recommended, which can be found here

Excellent overview of Mortimer J. Adler’s “How to Read a Book”. According to this theory, there are four type of reading – elementary, inspectional, analytical and synoptical. Well worth having a proper read of (Copyblogger).

Nicholas Carr on the Omnigoogle – he is quickly becoming my favourite technology writer

User experience is the new account planning – another insightful and thoughtful post from Adrian Ho at Zeus Jones

A fascinating insight into how minute Google’s tinkering in its search results has become – yet the results from these tiny changes can be big (Googleblog)

Tom Fishburne has uploaded his brilliant Brand Camp cartoons to Flickr

Rhodri Marsden has written an excellent essay/speech on the futility of flogging music (Music Thinktank)


Help a Reporter – sign up to a mailing list, and contact the reporters looking for expert sources

Stitsh takes photos of people on the street, and links to where you can buy the clothes from

Youtube comment snob – remove those illiterate and offensive comments


danah boyd explains why, as a woman, she is offended by Sarah Palin’s nomination

Google results for <x> girls <y> cup (xkcd)

An extract of the News of the World’s Mahzer Mahmood’s Confessions of a Fake Sheikh. In it, he defends his subterfuge and set-ups (Greenslade)

An interesting look at Japan’s hi-tech toilets, featuring heating and spraying. There is a big debate over the best angle to spray at. (Telegraph)

What would Friendfeed look like in a zombie attack? – I only know the reputation of a few of the people featured, but it is pretty funny nonetheless (Inquistr)

Recommendations for the week day are the overview of Mortimer J. Adler’s “How to Read a Book”, Nicholas Carr on the Omnigoogle, User experience is the new account planning and Brand Camp cartoons