Classic Blog Posts #3

Faris Yakob on Transmedia Planning.

The crux of this notion is that brands can capitalise on our converging culture and media consumption by introducing non-linear brand narratives. In other words, different media can host different elements of a campaign. Each element works on an individual level, but by combining them can give a synergistic  (SIDENOTE: I had initially favoured synergetic but spellcheck and Google overruled) result that is greater than the sum of its parts.

It is an absolutely brilliant thought. Faris expanded on it in his essay for the IPA Diploma, which deservedly won the President’s Prize.

That is by no means a slight on the other essays submitted. Reading through the other two essays published (by Graeme Douglas and Isabel Butcher), as well as the synopses of the remaining papers, shows a depth of interesting propositions.

For additional reading, Transmedia planning was cleverly expanded upon by Jason Oke, who suggested incorporating social relationships for that extra level of interest. Incidentally, Jason has since left Leo Burnett and can now be found blogging here.

Each of these links is incredibly thought-provoking, and they come with my highest recommendation



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  1. whoa. thanks dude!

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