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Links – 21st August 2008

I’m trying a shorter list this week (though it is still 19 links). As this study (study 1) indicates, sometimes people can be overwhelmed by too much choice. This represents the fine cuts of my week’s reading.

Everything I bookmark can be found here. Let me know if you would prefer a long list in the weekly update.


Excellent analysis of Google Ad Planner Data vs. Comscore (Battelle Media)

David Armano has uploaded his visuals to Flickr

The presentations from Internet World have been uploaded – read my review here

Debate over the merits of Eurostar funding Shane Meadows’ new film (Guardian)

Ten fascinating potential future user interfaces (Smashing Magazine)

Brain rules for presenters – Garr Reynolds reviews the Brain Rules via Slideshare

Ten things to love about Blip.fm (Crack Unit)

The Economist on the relationship between sport and the media


Typosquat24 – look at used and unused squatting sites (e.g. goggle.com)

International Segway Polo Association – a future Olympic sport?

Google minus Google – search without Knol and Blogger results

Compfight – a Flickr search tool


Lifehacker’s Top 10 How-to videos – I’ve watched the t-shirt folding video about twenty times and am still amazed by it

Analysis of the speeches during the US primaries (The Atlantic)

10 social psychology studies looking at irrationality (Psyblog)

The New Statesman’s faith column has an interesting series of Falun Gong

Has the uncannny valley been overcome? (Times Online)

Tyler Cowen considers the economics of tipping (Marginal Revolution) – the comments are particularly good

15 images that, amazingly, aren’t photoshopped (Cracked, with their trademark humour)

All are worth reading, but I would particularly recommend Google Ad Planner Data vs. Comscore, David Armano’s Flickr, Debate over the merits of Eurostar funding and Brain rules for presenters



One Response

  1. I just spent 15 minutes watching and practising the T-shirt folding. And you know what? It’s rubbish. It only works on small tight T-shirts. On normal-sized T-shirts, the opposite sleeve doesn’t fold inside properly. And it’s not even that quick. My way’s much quicker. Grab the T-shirt (with the front facing you) by the two shoulders, then in one fluid movement, fold the arms in and then fold in half (top to bottom). Takes no time at all.

    Great link though!

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