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Links – 11th August 2008

Yes, still tardy

Blog-related links

Rejuvenating dead brands (NY Times) –  I found the bit about repeated fake-ad exposure leading to higher false-memory rates fascinating yet unsurprising (from a research perspective)

Excellent analysis on the faults with Microsoft’s Vista campaign (Wilshipley) – anyone that paints current/potential customers as stupid is asking for trouble

Jeremiah Owyang on the many challenges of social media – a well-thought out and well-reasoned analysis

A reason that large businesses falter is that they fail to create a sense of urgency (Michael Hyatt)

Wired looks at Gemini Division and video distribution online

“Shockvertising” for series 2 of Dexter (Guardian) – what is ironic is that the advertising for both series has sought to subvert expectation, yet the actual plot of the show is signposted so obviously

Interesting debate on the future of online panels (MRSpace forum topic) – my predictions are on the post. Incidentally, those interested in research should have a look around the entire network

How to be a self-funded anthropologist (Cultureby) – interesting reading, and not just for those interested in being the next Gladwell

Series of papers from the MCPS-PRS Aliiance (the body that identifies and distributes royalty payments for music in the UK) – my attention was piqued by the recent look at In Rainbows

Using Happiness as your business model (Slideshare presentation)

When logos look alike (Logo Design Love)

Random links

Extinction timeline 1950-2050 – awesome graphic

Quiz testing your knowledge on the hundred most common English words – I scored a rather poor 38

Mindmeister is a fantastic tool for creating and sharing mindmaps online

And Evernote looks like a rather splendid tool as well – bookmark and annotate pretty much anything

Lifehacker editors’ favourite software and hardware

Profile on Sheldon Adelson – possibly the richest person I had never heard of; odd considering his high profile in both Israeli politics and gambling (New Yorker)

Great British gameshows (Guardian)

Rather sniffy look at how hipsters represent the end of Western civilisation (Adbusters)

Jump the shark has passed. Nuke the Fridge is the correct terminology now, thanks to Indy 4 (NY Times)

Profile on Rush Limbaugh (NY Times)

The police were less than friendly to peaceful Climate Camp demonstrators (Comment is Free)

Retro posters (Bob Staake) – I love the sort of aesthetic displayed here

The Nazi-descended Jews living in Israel (Guardian)

Recommended reading would be

Blog-related: Excellent analysis on the faults with Microsoft’s Vista campaign, Jeremiah Owyang on the many challenges of social media and  Interesting debate on the future of online panels

Random: Extinction timeline 1950-2050, Mindmeister, Evernote and Profile on Sheldon Adelson