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Orange Wednesday

Orange Wednesday is a great example of a marketing initiative adding value for mutual benefit

  • The customer gets (essentially) half-price cinema tickets
  • The cinema gets to use up spare capacity on what was probably the quietest day of the week (the day before the new releases)
  • The brand gets the advertising, and the associations

The campaign is very popular. So popular, that I had to wait 40 minutes to get my cinema tickets last Wednesday as the crowd of people in front of people slowly moved forward. Each transaction, where the voucher number was manually recorded and the transaction was made, seemed to take an age. Surely there is a more efficient way of processing the tickets?

Am I justified in being disappointed? Or should I accept it, given the saving I made? £3.25 isn’t a great return for a 40 minute wait. I will go again, but the campaign isn’t as essential to me as it could so easily have been


Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wgyuri/

PS A hectic week means that the next link update has been delayed. It will probably go up on Sunday.