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Links – 6th August 2008

Final catch-up link update – a few miscellaneous links to accompany the thought that we are now halfway through the working week.

Miscellaneous links

Best of the BBC News magazine (BBC)

America’s top 20 growing and disappearing jobs (Forbes)

A funny spoof of a Michael Bay Dark Knight script (Spill)

The word for !$%@ is grawlix (Typography)

A Family Guy voice recording (Youtube video) – seeing the voices come out of the actors’ mouths just looks wrong

When a football (soccer) match descended into both teams trying to lose (Snopes)

How differently the UK can be represented on maps (Noisy Decent Graphics)

Ten foods only Americans could have invented (Endless Simmer)

The videogames that don’t make it out of development (Guardian)

Very cool photos by Li Wei

Top 10 myths in FBI History (from, amazingly, the FBI)

Wikipedia list of films considered to be the worst

Six snacks that are good for you (Huffington Post)

101 things to do when you’re bored (Listsgalore)

I particularly like Best of the BBC News magazine and A funny spoof of a Michael Bay Dark Knight script

Other posts in this series of updates are Marketing and media, Business and the Internet and Useful and interesting

This will probably be the last miscellany-dedicated post in this blog. I like pointing out bits of randomness on the web, but as standalone posts I’m not sure if they fit in particularly well with the rest of the blog