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Links – 3rd July 2008

This will be the last link update for a couple of weeks


Happiness as your business model – presentation and analysis (Experience Curve)

Top 10 TED talks (Boing Boing)

Noah Brier’s Brand Tags has been adapted for the UK

The Marketing Society’s 50 golden brands microsite

Excellent business quotes (Junta42)

Appraising Forrester (Technobabble 2.0)

ESPN’s 360 model (Mediapost) and the move to interactive (Brand Republic) – the transmedia interconnected offering can really work for some genres

Collection of 41 new business ideas (Trendwatching/Springwise)

Military blogger forced to delete his musings (Wired)

Long tail debate using Rhapsody data (Harvard Business Leader)

The UK government have set up a competition to find the best use of its data in a mash-up – I’m guessing most will be using Google Maps, but I’ll be interested to see what comes out of this

Corporate blogs are largely rubbish (Wall Street Journal)

Has the Internet failed as a storytelling medium? (Advertising Age)

10 sites/applications account for 30% of web time (Brand Republic) – the equivalent of the commercial/network broadcasters?

Digg vs Jakob Nielsen (Mashable) – nice argument in favour of the Digg model

New Seth MacFarlane cartoon to be distributed by Google (New York Times) – There has been lots of chat about this. I’ll be surprised if it works, but it is an interesting move


Website collecting one post wonder blogs

Worst videogames based on films ever (Wired)

The Lego secret vault (Gizmodo)

Profile of the inventor Buckminster Fuller (New Yorker)

News and comment on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (Guardian)

7 people with superpowers (Cracked)

Extreme life forms (New Scientist)

Great moments in history – rendered via etch-a-sketch

One woman crusade against urban development (Seattle PI)

Recycled urban architecture (Web Urbanist)

Autocorrect doesn’t work when reporting on athletics (Guardian) – so much for free speech…

Particular recommendations are

Blog-related: Happiness as your business model, Military blogger forced to delete his musings and Digg vs Jakob Nielsen

Random: Profile of the inventor Buckminster Fuller, News and comment on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and 7 people with superpowers



One Response

  1. Thanks for the UK Brand Tags link – I’ve added National Express and will be tracking it over the next few months! Funny how the word most people connect with Halifax is ‘Howard’ – I guess that shows the power of advertising!

    Have a great time in the Big Apple.

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