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Links – 20th June 2008

Blog related

How we read online (Slate)

100 personal branding tactics (Chris Brogan)

5 principles to design by (Bokardo)

Hierarchy of social marketing (Duct Tape Marketing)

Visualisation of the “blogopticon” (Vanity Fair)

Where are the original dot com entrepreneurs now? (The Standard)

How to fix the mess the Associated Press have created (Jeff Jarvis)

Lessig on the right to privacy

The rules of Internet celebrity (NY Mag)

How Google apps can each be improved (Web Worker Daily)

On NY Times attempts to get social (Mashable)

Brand and communications in the age of media democracy (Slideshare presentation)


A wooden mirror (Design Boom)

Top 10 Firefox 3 features (Lifehacker)

5 obsolete storage formats (Wired)

Creative ways to use ordinary objects (Lifehackery)

Brutal review of the Happening (includes Spoilers) (TNR)

Book Rabit – tag your bookshelves, review your books and get recommendations

100 great movie posters (TCCandler)

Office speak phrases (BBC)

The Apprentice rendered in Lego (Youtube video)

Crazy concept cars (Jalopnik)

I would particularly recommend 100 personal branding tactics, 5 principles to design by and Brand and communications in the age of media democracy from the blog-related section and Top 10 Firefox 3 features, Book Rabit and Office speak phrases from the random section