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Links – 16th June 2008

Part 4 of 5:

Technology and social software links

Collection of presentations from the Web2.0 Expo (random($foo)) – a very comprehensive directory containing both videos and slides

10 things to hate about web2.0(Hugh McCloud)

Scaling a microblogging service(Hueniverse) – or How to fix Twitter

Chronology of brands hit by social media(Jeremiah Owyang)

The first Internet disconnection due to piracy is… The Finnish Government (Torrent Freak) – I can’t think of a better indictment of this law

ExpoTV matches users to product owners(Mashable)

Chris Brogan’s exhaustive collection of social media advice – for me, the personal branding section is the most interesting

Top Microbloggers(Technobabble2.0) – Another sterling piece of analysis from Jonny

How to make the most of Twitter(Guardian) – the long list of 3rd party applications shows the benefits of releasing the API

Reasons to have a vanity folder in RSS (Pro Blogger)

Can newspapers publish blog material without payment or notification to the author? (Comment is Free) – the Mail on Sunday published blog extracts without clearing them with the author

The state of the Facebook platform (20bits) – excellent write-up of the application economy

The Get Out Clause make their music video using CCTV (Daily Telegraph)

Emily Gould on the dangers of blogging(NY Times) – I believe she got flamed on this from both regular NYT readers and those that broke her on Gawker in the first place

History of failed musical platforms(The Register) – I still have a minidisc player somewhere. The only discs I ever bought were blank, to copy my CDs over

Reuters opens up its API and makes its news content available(Mashable) – though lawyers will be watching closely

Wikipedia to be published in physical form (Read Write Web) – but the contributors won’t get paid

We should think like a dandelion (Cory Doctorow)

Is UseNet going to be blocked from the Internet?(Web Monkey) – though I’ve been online for 12-13 years, I’ve never actually used UseNet before

Is Google making us stupid? (The Atlantic)

The importance of being an early adopter(Mashable)

Facebook and Myspace lose out to the niche social sites on CPM (Chris Anderson)

Scoble and La Gesse have a flame war over who “owns” comments and threads(lagesse)

Prediction of a Microsoft-Facebook union that will be detrimental to users(Robert Scoble)

In particular I would recommend Collection of presentations from the Web2.0 Expo, Chris Brogan’s exhaustive collection of social media advice, The state of the Facebook platform and Is Google making us stupid?

The other posts in this series of updates are:

Friday: Marketing links

Saturday: Trivia, and Interesting/thoughtful articles

Sunday: Interesting websites, and useful tips

Tuesday: Miscellaneous random links