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Links – 15th June 2008

Part 3 of my long overdue link update

Interesting websites

10×10 – Pictures explain a thousand words. This website scrapes photos from the top news stories to present an up-to-date illustration of current events

Kilt Day – a celebration

Brand Tags – genius in simplicity

YouTomb – an index of videos removed for copyright complaint

The British Library online – I’m yet to have a proper play with this, but am looking forward to the opportunity

Fontstruct – I’m not the sort of person that gets geeky over fonts, but this is still a very cool website

Skitch – handy for screen-grabs and image-sharing

Useful tips

How to write strong arguments (Create Debate)

Effectively managing information flow (Dosh Dosh)

5 ways to spot a fake photo (Scientific American)

How to illustrate Homer Simpson in CSS (Ned Batchelder)

How to trim your prose (Copy Blogger)

Comprehensive list on how to get images on the Internet (Random Knowledge) – essential bookmark

21 ways to shoot better photographs (10e20)

Ways to re-use disposable items (Lifehacker)

How to create a great technical presentation (Public Speaking Blog)

Make Windows more productive (Lifehacker)

All of the websites are worth a quick scope. Among the “tips” links I would particularly recommend Effectively managing information flow, Comprehensive list on how to get images on the Internet and How to create a great technical presentation

The other posts in this series of updates are:

Friday: Marketing links

Saturday: Trivia, and Interesting/thoughtful articles

Monday: Technology and web2.0 links

Tuesday: Miscellaneous random links



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