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Links – 14th June 2008

This is part 2 of my 5 part long-overdue link update. See the bottom of the post for links to the others in the series.

Interesting essays/Food for thought

China’s all-seeing eye (Naomi Klein) – Rolling Stone essay on Chinese/US cooperation in advancing surveillance techniques

The Million Dollar long bet (Kevin Kelly) – Warren Buffet bets $1m that hedge funds can’t beat the S&P 500 index

Why professional athletes go broke (Brian Cuban) – essentially, their skills are in their chosen field, not financial management

The striker that snubbed Hitler (New Statesman)

Bill Gates on creative capitalism (Gates Foundation)

Is Executive Function the new IQ? (Newsweek)

Interesting essay on gaming (Prospect)

How pure is your altruism? (Freakonomics)

Designing new sports (Wired)

The top 100 public intellectuals (Foreign Policy)

Questions on the Guinness Books of Records answered (Freakonomics)

Gladwell on Innovation (New Yorker)

On Solitaire (Slate) – I’ve just discovered the Klondike game on my iPod and my bus/tube journeys are now infinitely more enjoyable

Profile of the art dealer Larry Gagosian (More Intelligent Life)

Israel’s 60th anniversary (Avi Shlaim)

Trivia and lists

7 people fired for blogging (Mental Floss)

6 stunts in the name of science (Cracked)

15 fascinating historical events (Frikoo)

6 creepy comic book characters (Cracked)

The world’s most dangerous gangs (Foreign Policy)

25 strangest collections on the web (Neatorama)

7 more underground wonders (Web Urbanist)

Directors’ cameos in films (Cineleet)

Otto Rahn was the original Indiana Jones (Daily Telegraph)

7 unusual restaurants (Mental Floss)

10 deepest caves in the world (Environmental Graffiti)

18 insane journeys (OT Beach)

20 cities, islands and countries threatened by global warming (OT Beach)

10 problems solved by MacGyver (Mental Floss)

10 stars from Weezer’s new Youtube referencing video (Video Clips Review)

Among these I would recommend

Interesting essays/Food for thought: China’s all-seeing eye, The Million Dollar long bet and Israel’s 60th anniversary

Trivia and lists: 7 people fired for blogging, The world’s most dangerous gangs and Otto Rahn was the original Indiana Jones

The other posts in this series of updates are:

Friday: Marketing links

Sunday: Interesting websites, and useful tips

Monday: Technology and web2.0 links

Tuesday: Miscellaneous random links



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