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Loveless yet United By Fate

my bloody valentine lovelessI have tickets to see My Bloody Valentine next Friday. This was going to be their first show together in 16 years. I say “was”. They have now announced that they are playing two “rehearsal” shows at the ICA this weekend.

I don’t really mind too much, but others are irate. They would have gone through the hassle of making sure they acquired tickets to the first show – through fair means or ebay – only to see the aura of that date taken away from them.

It’s all about expectations. Managing them to prevent disappointment. The performance next Friday will not change (in fact, it may improve as a result of the warm-ups). But the perception has.

Contrast this to Rival Schools last night. Reunited, and playing their first UK gig for 6 years. Nothing changed in the lead-up. The anticipation wasn’t affected and the night was euphoric.

I predict the MBV show will still be incredible, but this chink was avoidable.


Photo credit: Tokyo Lunch