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What’s next?

Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/cdm/

A couple of great presentations here – both in terms of content and design

The first is “What’s next in Marketing & Advertising” by Paul Isakson (I included it in a link post last month but it is definitely worth re-iterating its quality)

“Build the marketing into the product” (Slide 30) is a fantastic mantra.

The second is “What’s next in Media” by Neil Perkin

For me, slides 37 and 51 are key and these themes run across both sets. Content marketing is increasingly crucial. If a brand or a platform isn’t useful, why stay with it when more utility can be derived elsewhere? Monopolies may still exist in the areas where critical mass creates synergies, but this is the age of consumer choice and this has to be both accepted and respected.

Of course, to do this, the “old media” corporations need to fundamentally alter their images and the public perceptions of them. I don’t think we will ever see the BBC on an even footing with a youtube channel (and nor should we), but that doesn’t prevent the big media companies from incorporating some of the benefits of the grassroots into their business models.

Could there be a “What’s next in Research” deck? Certainly, but I suspect it wouldn’t be as insightful as the two presentations above. Content marketing is of course attainable, but the business to business market has a fundamentally different dynamic. Instead, a different theme may be required. For instance, there are specific examples of research moving from “what people say” to “what people do”. But saying that, extending interesting ad-hoc studies to some form of universal currency still seems too prohibitive.

SIDENOTE: Slideshare is a completely awesome tool, but what on earth is the business model?? The only (presumably) advertising I can see is “Featured groups and events”…