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Water and mobile phones

No water

 For those that can’t read it, this grainy image says “No please, no thank you, no water”.  It is from a music venue/pub I visited in North London last night. Posting it has two purposes:

  1. I mean, really? Manners are important, but I’m pretty sure they don’t form part of the legal requirement of providing water. And what a way to assume the worst of your patrons. Will seeing that sign buck up their ideas, or will it do the reverse and make them more surly? I bet the sign does more harm than good.
  2. I am a digital native and display the appropriate behaviour. However, I am not a “m-ager”. I use my mobile for calling, text messages and taking (bad) photos. Nothing else. While it would be nice to have a better camera, I get by perfectly well without Internet, video, Twitter-on-demand and so on. Without wishing to be too evangelical, I am “wrong”. Mobile phones are here to stay – I should embrace the functions and I’m sure my behaviour would change accordingly (like wondering how I ever coped without an iPod or broadband connection). But the sticking point is price. I have a very nice £15 a month contract which would double if I got a decent phone (and then the data costs…).

My question is when does the case for technology become so compelling that willingness to pay changes? Or doesn’t it? In real terms, games consoles and recording devices seem to be roughly the same price as they have been historically. So, do I wait for a £15 all-you-can-eat mobile phone tariff or bite the bullet to stay ahead of/on the curve? Is price the only thing preventing more widespread adoption, or is there a more general resistance to new technology? I have questions, but not answers.



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