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Kinder Bueno » Kinder Bueno eggs

Kinder Bueno eggs at easter

6 Responses

  1. These are gorgeous! A bit on the expensive side at £1.99 a bag but they are definately worth it. If you like kinder bueno then these are sure to be a favourite.

  2. I eggree

    Kinder eggs are eggseptionally eggcellent and when I put them in my mouth there is a taste eggsplosion. Oh I’m eggstremely tired. I think I’ll have an egg and go to bed

  3. hiya x were do u get them from?

  4. I live in Canada, here is CAD$3.79 at Walmart

  5. I would like to buy this Easter egg but can’t

  6. Please can you tell me where I can get them from

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