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Links – 13/03/08

I’ve been feeling under the weather recently. So while I have some ideas for blog posts, I haven’t actually written them yet. Sunday should be the time to rectify that.

I’m going to the MRS Conference on both days next week; please say hello if you will be there too.

Blog related links

Random links

Of these, my top 3 would be Why Indie bands sell out, Individuality within corporate blogs, and Alan Moore primer, with 100 NES games converted to Flash thrown in for a long lunchbreak.



2 Responses

  1. That article about controversial Wiki pages was very interesting. I can’t believe how much spare time some people seem to have to argue about trivialities!

    I signed up for the Hulu Beta test on 9th November last year. At no point during the signup process was it apparent that I wouldn’t even be able to use the bloody thing.

  2. >(not as good as I remembered)

    Bear in mind, of course, that the NES games converted to Flash are just that – conversions. People can replicate the graphics and sound in flash, but they won’t necessarily be as perfectly coded (and I was able to tell that they’re not 100% conversions simply by the fact that the Konami Code doesn’t work on Contra!) as the originals. And given that the graphics and stuff are generally pretty poor on NES games, what makes them so classic is the playability… which, like I say, is much harder to replicate well even if the style of game is quite simple.

    That Moore primer is excellent, though. I thought it was going to be similar to the “Ready Reckoner” things we do on Den of Geek (I’ve done ones recently on Neil Gaiman and superhero movies, and am actually working on an Alan Moore one), but it was… well, better, really 😉

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